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Friday, April 06, 2007

SFI Barbarism at Jadavpur University Campus

Update from The Telegraph : read here

Update from The Statesman : read here

Brawl in JU after SFI loses engineering faculty too WTI students say the SFI brought in CPI(M) hooligans to bash them up, members of teaching and non-teaching staff too lent a hand Express News Service

Kolkata, April 5: The Nandigram issue has apparently decimated the Student’s Federation of India — the students’ wing of the CPI(M) — in the Jadavpur University this year.

Following its loss in the Arts Faculty and Science Faculty elections, the SFI suffered its most humiliating debacle at the engineering faculty elections that was held today. While at the Science Faculty, We The Independent (WTI) bagged all the 4 seats, at the Engineering Faculty, the Democratic Students Forum bagged all the 5 seats.

All three elections were held in the last 10 days. And today’s results finally triggered trouble, with the SFI members allegedly unleashing terror on the campus.

Just when 200-odd representatives of We The Independent (WTI) — the students’ organisation which won the Science Faculty student’s union elections — set out to celebrate their 500-margin victory over the SFI, pandemonium broke: they were allegedly roughed up by their SFI counterparts. The WTI said the SFI had gathered CPI(M) hooligans and hoodlums from outside to beat them up.

Allegations and counter allegations flew thick and fast.

Students from the science faculty heaped accusations on SFI members. “They are absolutely frustrated because we have won all four seats in the 950-student faculty. We won by a margin of 500. Seven of our boys had to be taken to EDF Hospital for treatment of the injuries,” said a WTI member.

The most embarrassing claim made by the students was that some teachers also joined the SFI in bashing up the WTI boys. “Even teachers beat up the students in the Science Club room. We were also beaten up in the non-teaching staff office room. We are submitting a deputation to the Vice-Chancellor demanding the suspension of these teachers,” said Shesadri Mitra, one of the WTI students who also filed an FIR at the Jadavpur police station. The faculty tried to cool down the tense atmosphere.

Prof Swadesh Ranjan Roychowdhury, HoD, Chemistry, said: “We have instructed the students to write down their complaints and demands and submit it to the vice-chairman. There is no use increasing tension by flaring tempers.”

“It is obvious that a certain political party is trying to get back their stronghold after losing in every faculty and hence creating the ruckus... this is a desperate attempt to get back to power,” said another professor on condition of anonymity.

Sougata Roy, the general secretary of the JU Non-teaching staff union, which owes allegiance to CPI(M), however, said: “The WTI members were shouting anti-SFI slogans and suddenly got inside the Science Club and started beating up the SFI students. They also got inside our office and vandalised it. Now they are misrepresenting facts to cover up their follies.” None of the SFI members were available for comment.

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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Sanskriti 2007 @ JU

Competetive events
Invitation Letter For Competetive Events

This year prelims for Eastern & Western Solo & Group Vocals will be held. No participant(s) will be allowed in the finals without participating in the Prelims

For events in our Technomanagement Fest Srijan 2007, do drop by at

Keep an eye on this space for updates..........

Event Date Time Description
Photography (Start) 7-Mar-2007 12:00 PM Off Stage
General Quiz 8-Mar-2007 11:30 AM On Stage
Face Painting 8-Mar-2007 1:00 PM Off Stage
Medley 8-Mar-2007 1:00 PM On Stage
Antakshari 8-Mar-2007 2:30 PM On Stage
Hair Styling 8-Mar-2007 3:30 PM Off stage
Cartooning 8-Mar-2007 4:00 PM Off stage
Sports Quiz 9-Mar-2007 11:30 AM On stage
Debate 9-Mar-2007 12:30 PM On stage
T-Shirt Painting 9-Mar-2007 12:30 PM Off stage
Eastern Solo and Group Vocals 9-Mar-2007 1:30 PM On Stage
Creative Writing (English and Bengali) 9-Mar-2007 1:30 PM Off stage
Western Solo and Group Vocals 10-Mar-2007 11:30 AM On Stage
Poster Painting 10-Mar-2007 12:30 PM Off Stage
Rangoli 10-Mar-2007 2:30 PM Off Stage
Eastern Solo Dance 11-Mar-2007 2:30 PM On Stage
Western Solo Dance 11-Mar-2007 3:00 PM On Stage
Eastern Group Dance 11-Mar-2007 4:00 PM On Stage
Western Group Dance 11-Mar-2007 5:30 PM On Stage

Exhibition events

A list of confirmed events and the schedule is summarized below. However the events are subject to changes depending on the availability of artists/performers.

Please watch this space for updates regarding the empty slots.

Event Date Time
Curtain Raiser - Fossils (Venue: Salt lake Campus) 4-Mar-2007 6:00:00 PM
James 6-Mar-2007 7:00 PM
Students` Performance (Venue: OAT) 7-Mar-2007 6:00 PM
Drama by Nandikar: Borda (Venue OAT) 8-Mar-2007 6:30 PM
Indian Ocean (Venue:OAT) 9-Mar-2007 7:00 PM
Neil Mukherjee, Betty Jardin, Siva Prakash, K Peters, others(Venue: OAT) 10-Mar-2007 7:00 PM
Aman Ali Bangas (Venue OAT) 11-Mar-2007 7:00 PM


Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Congratulations to Professor Debesh Das

We, the students of BCSEJU - 2005, congratulate our beloved Professor Debesh Das on becoming the IT minister of the State of West Bengal. We are sure his able leadership will do a world of good to the IT sector of the state. Our best wishes and heartiest congratulations to him.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Jadavpur University Postage Stamp

Released on 21st December.

Link doesn't work with Mozilla(I was stumped initially)!

Monday, December 26, 2005

Convocation Day- in Images

Thursday, August 04, 2005

BCSE JU Last Day Images by Abhijit

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